A unique cordless shrink wrapping system (Magik Wand) 
The sealing arm is not connected to the base unit, so you can manoeuvre it any way you need on the bench, or around the workshop. 
It allows you to apply clear protection films to frames, mounted prints and posters on board. 
The fabricated steel base 'trough' unit has a mains voltage heating element fitted safely inside it. When the Magik Wand is placed into it, the sealing/cutting wand heats up. It stays hot for sufficient time to allow the pack to be sealed both ways. Once it is returned to the base unit it quickly re-heats. 
The cordless shrink wrapping machine (Magik Wand) has a 785mm / 31" wand as standard and comes with adjustable temperature control. The Magik Wand also comes with a full set of operating instructions. 
The rugged steel film roller dispenser unit with separator bar (Part Number: 3451) is 20" / 510mm wide, but takes film up to 30" / 762mm. Carries the weight of 600m rolls of film. 
The silicone/foam sealing strip (Part Numbers: 3423 & 3424) is positioned on any flat surface where you wish to seal/cut the film. Production speed is increased if you place two pieces in an 'L' layout. 
You will need a hot air gun - Lion can supply this (Part Number: 425), or you can buy a paint stripping gun from DIY store. 
Magik Wand is made in the UK, engineered to ISO 9002 and carries the CE mark. It requires a 240v, 5 amp supply. 
Some details of the design are copyright or subject of patent applications. 
Magik Wand Heater + Wand, 31" / 785mm. 

Cordless shrink wrapping system (Magik Wand) in action 

side frame between film layers and to left
Slide frame between film layers and to left 
use Wand to seal along the side
Use Wand to seal along the side 
Seal and cut film to front
Seal and cut film to front 
apply heat to film on back to frame
Apply heat to film on back of frame 
A framing workshop often has a need to wrap mounted prints, frames and similar. The lowest cost and easiest method is shrink wrapping. In this Cordless system, the Sealing Arm sits in the Heating Base, 240v, with no wire connecting them. The operator lifts the arm out of the base unit and can use it anywhere on the work table. After a use cycle, it is placed back in the base to re-heat. 
framing workshop often has a need to wrap mounted prints
Flat worktable laid out with Cordless Shrink Wrap system 
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