As a leading British food packaging company manufacturing a variety of equipment, Hartwells has been at the cutting edge of the food packaging and container market for over twenty years. 
We pride ourselves on manufacturing equipment that is extremely robust and reliable and that continues to operate at peak performance year after year. 

Our range of British made packaging solutions include: 

This unit is a compact, cost effective, quick and simple food packaging unit ideal for storing a variety of food products in an airtight bag. This unit is suitable for most small to medium sized packaging requirements. 
This quality wrapping machine is ideal for wrapping transparent cellophane type PVC stretch film on open trays & packets. A wide variety of items like fruits, vegetables and sweets can be wrapped in suitable packing trays quickly and efficiently. Our machine is equipped with heater pad, roller, and cutter; making the machine an extremely effective packing machine in most scenarios. 
Our L-Sealer shrinkwrapping systems is a compact, highly mobile, table top packaging machine that is durable and easy to clean and delivers fast and efficient packaging results every time. The machine can accommodate a good variety of film widths to achieve cost effective packing as required. 
Printable Correx boxes facilitate the delivery of hot food and are a must in any fast food operation that requires an inexpensive packaging solution that retains the heat for a maximum period; even while on the back of a moped on a cold winter's day. Available in different grades and colours of Correx sheets we have the specific solution for you and your fast food business. 
Hartwells have over 15 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of moped brackets for a wide variety of mopeds. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. If we do not have a suitable product in stock we will be happy to design and manufacture a Moped Bracket for your specific needs and specification. 
A highly manoeuvrable and unique cordless shrink wrapping solution allows fast and easy application of a clear protective film to a wide variety of items as a result is is one of ur most popular and versatile wrapping machines. 
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